Monday, January 30, 2012

D.I.Y. Envelope

So I have decided to start couponing (see how I got started here). It has something I have been meaning to start doing for some time, but never really knew where to get started or where to get coupons. But since I checked my handy homemade planner this Sunday I saw the reminder to go pick up some newspapers to get coupons from.

Now that I had the coupons, I realized I had no way to organize or store them. Which didn't really help with my coupon plan. I really like the cool baseball card coupon binders but I didn't want to splurge on a bunch of them so I figured I'd make a cute little envelope to hold them all.

This envelope can really be used for anything, I just chose to use it for holding some coupons. I also made one labeled "this trip" for the coupons and cash I plan on using that day at the store, so I can save by having those coupons handy and by not going over budget by using a debit card!

What You Will Need For This Project:
• Scrapbook paper or some other type of paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Pencil/Pen
• Broken down envelope (optional)

Step One: Choose What You Want Your Envelope To Look Like
So I decided to pick some heavier weighted scrapbook paper I had lying around the house to use for my envelope so it was a little more durable when in my family binder and in my purse at the grocery store.

Step Two: Break Down an Old Envelope (optional)
If you have an envelope that is the size you want, you can unglue it so you can flatten it without any folds to trace from, but if you would rather free hand it, that is perfectly okay as well. Note* When using this for coupons, I recommend making the top flap much larger if you actually want it to close with all those coupons in there. Mine will hardly shut with just one week's worth!

Step Three: Trace Or Draw Your Envelope Shape
This is a lot easier than it looks. Turn the paper you are making into an envelope over, so the decorative side is on the bottom, flatten out your broken down envelope and trace it. If you are drawing it freehand, start off by making a rectangle in the center of your paper. On each side draw a large triangle, with one rounding off at the top (that will be your inside bottom flap.)

This is what you should have so far:

Step Four: Cut Out Your Envelope
I say this pretty much speaks for itself. Cut out the outer lines of your envelope. Do not cut any of the triangles off, or into your tracing at all. Just cut around the whole thing.

See how similar they look? Good job!

Step Five: Fold Your Envelope
Be careful when you're doing this if you're using a thicker paper. I took it by the end and brought it up to the middle before I folded so I could make sure I folded it evenly on both sides. After you have your finger pressed in the middle, use another finger to push the envelope down at the corners, the middle and then when you see it still goes down evenly, make the fold. Repeat this with three of the sides.

Step Six: Glue Your EnvelopeNow take your glue and glue the three touching triangles together. The easiest way to do this is to line the bottom of the side triangles on the white side of the paper.

Step Seven: Let Your Envelope Dry And then you're finished! Whoo-hoo! Look at the cute little creation you just made! And you can make these for almost anything.

Now I went and added little blank labels to mine and wrote what I would be using them for. It adds a nice little touch and really makes them pop! I can't wait to make more!

Leave a comment and let me know if you plan on making these, if you have, and what you'd use them for!

Happy Crafting! ♥ Jess

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  1. i really like these :) i already have a coupon binder, but sometimes hate taking it into the store...especially when i have to take my two boys these would be a cute way to take the coupons i know i'm going to use in...thanks :)

  2. Beautiful Gift Card the way you figure out it..thanks for sharing.