Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little About Me

Hello fellow dreamers! My name is Jessica, I am twenty years old (soon to be 21) and am currently still living at home with my parents. In two weeks (on February 3rd) I am planning on moving out to a two-bedroom apartment with my husband, of about two months(although we've been together almost 6 years). I used to work at a daycare, but when the engine on my car blew and when we decided to move twenty minutes away from that daycare and my mothers house, we decided it would be best if I quit my job. Especially since we are expecting a beautiful baby girl in May. Now, just because I am so young doesn't mean I don't want to make my home the most beautiful place it can be and still be as smart with our money as possible, so I am going to need a lot of budgeting, organization, and d.i.y. projects to make our dream come true and not break the bank. So this is kind of a way for me to share that creativity, and also keep me held accountable for my projects. They will probably start out rather small and will eventually work their way up to more intense things, but isn't that what starting a new life is all about? Starting small and smart? I think so, and I look forward to crafting with you!


  1. Very similar story! We didn't get married, but the pregnancy convinced us to have me quit my job at a daycare (although I'm also going to school.) Congrats on the pregnancy and good luck with the move! It'll all get crazy really soon here, but it's all well worth it!

  2. Good luck on your new adventure, new blog, and new baby girl! Whew....what a lot of news!! Can't wait to see what's in store for you!