Saturday, February 25, 2012

Switching Your Lightbulbs to 'Green' Bulbs

We are all very aware of our Earth's current impending doom known as global warming. We're all using way too much energy and resources without taking the time to let the Earth replenish itself.

Or maybe you don't care about the environment, or think that it is just some government hoax, but I know what you do care about, and that's money. How do I know you care about it? Because everyone does. You need it to live and nobody seems to have enough of it.

So switching your lightbulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs (or CFLs) can save you some money in the long run. They are a little more expensive up front, but they last around 11 years and use less energy during that time, so they save you around $1.50 per bulb, per year.
Our local energy provider is currently doing a giveaway on their website. If you go and sign up (even if you already have an account, or if you are just signing up for a new one), they will send you fifteen free CFLs to help lower your energy usage.

So the hubs went through and signed us up, and we got our bulbs yesterday, so today, I am switching all the bulbs in the house to these little energy saving genies.

Some other energy saving tips:
• Try not to pre-rinse every crumb off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, or if you're like me and have a terrible apartment dishwasher, use cold water to rinse them so you don't use the energy to heat up the water that's just going right down the drain.
• Don't use a large pan or pot on a small burner, and don't put a small pan or pot on a large burner. It wastes a lot of energy either way.
• Keep your freezer items close to one another. If all your freezer items are touching the appliance has to work less to keep them frozen, therefore saving you on your energy bill.
• It's the exact opposite for a refrigerator. If you want your refrigerator to use less energy, you have to have the items inside of it spaced a part.

Do you have any tips on living a more 'green' lifestyle? Have you been doing anything around the house to conserve energy?

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