Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lining Your Cabinets

Why line your cabinets? There are so many answers to this question. It makes your cabinets look very sharp when you open them because there is some texture or design to them that isn't just the normal wood that you're used to seeing. It can also protect the wood underneath if you buy the right kind. I'm one of those people who will put a glass away from the dishwasher even if it still isn't completely dry, and that water can damage the wood over time. Also, it can protect what's in your cabinets. I live in an apartment where 1,000 other people have placed their dishes and appliances in there before me, and I don't really want my plates and glasses touching where there's have touched, even if I did wipe it down really good.

So my mom bought me some Easy Liner with super grip.
It's great for apartments because you have to leave everything in the condition you got it in, so you don't have to worry about messy tearing or peeling since it just grips to the wood. It's awesome!

So here are what my cabinets looked like before:
As you can see they are kinda gross and not really appealing to the eyes at all. So I took my easy liner and got to work.

First measure your cabinets.

Then measure the easy liner and mark where you will need to cut it.

Guess what? Then you cut it.

All you have to do at this point is put your cut easy liner in your cabinets by setting it in there (no adhesive required) and put your stuff back! It's super easy, protects my cups and plates, and can be removed in about .3 seconds when it is time for us to move out again.

Here is what my cabinets looks like after I was done. Still not very organized (I'm not really trying to organize until everything is unpacked) but looking a lot nicer!

Happy projecting! ♥ Jess


  1. hey! I just found you through I heart Organizing and decided to stop by and guess what? I'm lining my cabinets today! That's so random, right--

    new follower-:)

  2. Well thank you so much for stopping by and following! That's so crazy that you were lining your cabinets yesterday too! How did it turn out? :)