Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's Cooking, Good Looking?

Crock Pot Vegetable Soup

I forgot to take a picture when this was finished. I'm sorry! It looked so tasty and yummy I just had to devour it! I'll take a picture next time when I fix it (it's a weekly/biweekly meal around here.) But I promise, it looks a lot better than the last picture down there! All those white specks from the beef broth are all gone and it looks better than Cambell's! Tastes better too!

I originally got this recipe off of my mother and law, and unfortunately she doesn't really remember where she got it, so I can't give credit to anyone for this particular recipe. All I can say is that it is DE-LISH-US!

What You Will Need for This Recipe:

• A bag of frozen mixed vegetables
• 1-2 pounds of browned ground hamburger (depending on how much meat you want in the soup) (You can also substitute beef cubes)
• Beef Broth
• Tomato Soup
(Ground beef not pictured above)

Dishes Used During the Preparation Process: 3
Crock Pot (although crock pot liners help!), Skillet to brown hamburger, and spatula.

Step One: Brown the hamburger

Step Two: Drain the hamburger grease. I didn't take a picture of this because I don't have 700 hands, but I run the smoking hot water while I pour the ground beef into a strainer. The grease goes down the drain and the yummy cooked beef is way less greasy!

Step Three: Put the ground beef in the crock pot. I have a 7qt, which is ENTIRELY too large for my little family of two, but it will have to do. I also used a crock pot liner for easy clean up.

Step Four: Add large can of tomato soup.

Step Five: Add your mixed vegetables (this is to taste, I like a lot of veggies in my soup so I add more.)

Step Six: Add two-three cans of beef broth, until it has a good soupy texture.

Step Seven: Stir the soup, and cook on low for around six hours.

Happy cooking! ♥ Jess