Monday, July 2, 2012

My Goals

There are several things I wanted to accomplish when I started this website.

Originally, I was looking around for organizing/crafting blogs, and couldn't find any that had everything I was looking for. So I thought that it was quite possible, that other people were having that problem as well.

I started it before I was actually moved out, with the idea that I was going to be a picture perfect housewife, and all I would have to do is take pictures of my wonderful life and post about it. But now that I realize that isn't even possible, I have some new goals around my house and I'd like to use this blog to help me stick to them.

1. I want to make everything be used to the best of its potential.
I live in an itty bitty apartment. Like, if I showed you my kitchen you'd probably cry, I know I want to. So getting everything used to its potential is so important because I only have a limited amount of room for everything in my home.

This really involves me getting really creative, because unlike home-owners, I can't make any permanent changes to the apartment. I can't change the cabinets, add shelving, or do anything that would essentially make my life easier. It's all about the temporary for me. Which makes things a lot trickier and that much more necessary. 

2. I want everything to look like a real home.
I'm only 21 years old, yet I have the life of a thirty year old: a baby, a husband, a home to take care of. I have a hard enough time getting taken seriously with all of these things going on for me, and I don't want a poorly kept home to validate people's judgements. I would much rather impress people by having a "homey" home, instead of "yeah, this looks like a 20 year old's apartment."

3. I want things to run as smoothly as possible.
With a baby, I have very limited time to do the things I wanna do. So when I do have time to clean or cook, I'd like it all to run smoothly so I can get it done quickly and have time to do the things I would enjoy, like more organizing, playing on the computer, or reading.

4. I want to start living a healthier lifestyle.
I have been very big on take-out in the past. And when I have cooked, I thought you always had to have a meat portion for protein. Recently I learned about how much healthier it is to live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. And I already knew it was much healthier to cook yourself as opposed to getting fast food. But I need a way to organize recipes we like and recipes we didn't like. I'm hoping this blog will help that.

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  1. I totally agree on all 4 points! I could probably write you a whole paragraph, but I'll keep it to this: START NOW! Work on building the life you want and know that it's going to take some time to get there. It will come. One day, you'll look around and see everything you wished for when you were 20.

    (Little known fact: I'm only 25!)